Income Register's technical interface

The technical interface means an electronic connection built between different systems and the Incomes Register. 

If your software uses an Incomes Register API, you do not need to log in or separately identify yourself in the Incomes Register each time you use it. Your organisation will be identified by a technical certificate installed in the software.

Certificates are issued according to their purpose: there are separate ones for reporting earnings payment data, for reporting benefits payment data and for accessing data.

For assistance with certificate issues, please contact your software provider.

The Incomes Register’s technical interface

The Incomes Registers offers a technical interface for data submitters and users.

The data format of the Incomes Register’s technical interface is XML, and schemas are in English.

Software developers need to ensure that the built service corresponds to the Incomes Register’s technical documentation and schedule requirements. Consider the following:

  • The Incomes Register processes records in their order of arrival.
  • The processing time depends on such factors as the size of the record sent.
  • Data submitters need to use processing feedback to ensure that their reporting was successful. If feedback is not available at the time of retrieval, try to retrieve it a little later.

Read all the recommendations for using the interface in the content descriptions submitting data to the Incomes Register and distribution of data from the Incomes Register.

Interfaces for payers

Data can be reported using the real-time or deferred Web Service interface, or the SFTP interface.

  • In the real-time WS interface, reports are submitted to the Incomes Register one at a time. The interface is intended for situations where there are only a few reports and where processing feedback is required immediately.
  • If a large number of reports need to be submitted to the Incomes Register at the same time, the deferred Web Service interface or the SFTP interface should be used. Using these interfaces, several reports can be submitted through a single record.

Payers, or data providers, need to submit an application for using the technical interface in the Incomes Register's e-service.

Application for using the technical interface and certificate

Instructions related to the use of the certificate service

Interfaces for data users

The data saved in the Incomes Register can only be used by the authorities and other parties that have a statutory right to use them.

The Incomes Register’s data can be distributed using the SFTP interface and the real-time Web Service interface.

Data users need to submit an application for using the technical interface by filling in a report by the Incomes Register data user for data permission purposes. The provision of the data permission starts the first certificate request. When their data permission is in effect, organisations can request more certificates in the Incomes Register's e-service.

Page last updated 8/16/2023