You can view your own income data in the Incomes Register – this data forms the basis for many decisions


Employers report data to the Incomes Register on the wages and fees they have paid. Income earners can check what income data their employers have reported for them in the Incomes Register.

If there is an error in the data, it may affect various decisions that are made based on Incomes Register data. For example, pre-completed tax returns, daily allowance for lay-off or unemployment, and various benefits paid by Kela are all based on Incomes Register data.

View your own income data in the e-service

Sign in to the Incomes Register on the website using your online banking codes, a mobile certificate or a certificate card. Click the 'Incomes Register sign in' link in the upper corner of the page.

Ask the payer to correct erroneous or deficient data

In the Incomes Register, you can see in advance what information will be used as the basis for future decisions. If there are any errors or omissions in your data, please ask the employer to make the necessary corrections. This will ensure that decisions are made based on accurate information and that benefit applications, for example, will be processed efficiently.

If an income earner corrects the data on a pre-completed tax return or benefit application, the incorrect data will still remain in the Incomes Register and will be used in future decisions. Any corrections an income earner makes on a pre-completed tax return, for example, will not be transmitted to the Incomes Register where earnings payment data is primarily reported.

Employers are obligated to correct any errors or omissions in the data. Income earners cannot make corrections to their data in the Incomes Register by themselves. The Incomes Register cannot correct data either. If the payer does not make corrections despite being asked to do so, the income earner must report the correct information separately to each data user.

Incomes Register data is used in making various official decisions

The authorities use the data reported to the Incomes Register as the basis for many types of decisions. The Incomes Register data is used by unemployment funds for calculating daily allowances and by Kela when granting daily allowances paid to employers, for example. The Tax Administration uses the information in the Incomes Register for pre-completed tax returns and revised tax cards.