The Katso service will be terminated on 31 August 2021 – please start using e-Authorizations


The use of the Katso service will end in conjunction with the Incomes Register’s e-service on 31 August 2021.

From the beginning of September, the Katso ID and the Katso authorisation will no longer work in any central government e-services. From then on, acting on behalf of other parties will be handled within the services.

‒ The Tax Administration decided twice to extend the time given to Katso users to make the transition. This additional time was given because the transition to e-Authorizations was slower than expected at the turn of the year. The final extension period ends now at the end of August, says Senior Officer Juha Kartano from the Tax Administration.

Identify yourself from now on using online banking codes, a mobile certificate or a certificate card

Identify yourself in the Incomes Register’s e-service using your personal online banking codes, a mobile certificate or your organisation’s certificate card.

Ensure that all of your organisation’s employees who use the Incomes Register’s e-service use at least one of these identification methods.

Grant authorisations in the e-Authorisations service

If another organisation or person uses the Incomes Register’s e-service on behalf of your organisation, you need to grant an authorisation. Authorisations granted in the Katso service must be granted again in the e-Authorisations service.

The Katso authorisations for accessing the Incomes Register has been reporting earnings payment data and browsing earnings payment data.

The authorisation codes for accessing the Incomes Register are:

  • Reporting earnings payment data
  • Browsing earnings payment data
  • Browsing benefits payment data
  • Reporting benefits payment data
  • Processing of log, interface and report data related to income data.

Most organisations can grant authorisations independently in the e-Authorisations service.

If an independent authorisation is not possible, use an authorisation application

Parties that cannot grant electronic authorisations independently in the e-Authorisations service can grant authorisations using an authorisation application.

For example, an authorisation application is used by organisations, whose representative has not been registered in the Trade Register or the Business Information System (BIS).

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