The Incomes Register’s user satisfaction again in a slight increase


The results of the spring user satisfaction survey are here. The Incomes Register’s total user satisfaction score was 3.2.

In previous years, corresponding scores were 3.1 (November 2020), 2.8 (December 2019) and 2.3 (June 2019). The total score on a scale from 1 to 5 has increased steadily as the Incomes Register’s development and use have progressed.

– We have listened to the needs of our customers and developed the Incomes Register in cooperation with data providers and users, says Terhi Holmström, Head of the Incomes Register Unit, describing the reasons for the improved results.

Customer satisfaction was now measured for the first time after the deployment of benefits.

– It is great to see that customer satisfaction remains high. While there is still room for improvement, we are heading in the right direction. We are currently working to improve wage functions in the e-service and to develop reporting.

Satisfaction highest among customers who use an interface

Satisfaction was the highest among customers who use the Incomes Register through an interface. In addition, satisfaction was also high among users of benefits payment data, who were included in the survey for the first time. Their total score for the service was 3.5. Users who submit data using the e-service had the most critical opinions on the Incomes Register.

Interface users were the most satisfied with the Incomes Register’s performance (3.7) and availability (3.3). Instead, users remain dissatisfied with the e-service. As in the previous year, data users gave a slightly higher score for the e-service (performance 3.5 and availability 3.2) than data providers (performance 3.4 and availability 3.0).

Satisfaction with the Incomes Register’s customer service has improved slightly among the respondents. Interface users were the most satisfied with customer service, giving it a score of 3.2.

Most respondents to the income earners’ survey had checked their income data in the Incomes Register. The respondents gave the service an average score of 2.8. Nine responses were given to the income earners’ survey.

The Incomes Register is developed on the basis of feedback

The Incomes Register is undergoing constant development based on feedback.

– I would like to thank everyone who took the time to tell us what works and what should be developed further, Holmström says.

– We take critical responses seriously and will focus our development on areas where it is needed the most. For example, a new web form will be launched this autumn in the e-service for reporting earnings payment data. We hope that this will have an impact on satisfaction among e-service users.

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User satisfaction surveys conducted twice a year

The Incomes Register’s user satisfaction was identified through an online survey between 7 April and 7 May 2021. The user satisfaction survey was previously conducted three times: in November 2020, and in June and December 2019.

The spring 2021 survey was conducted separately for four target groups: data submitters, customer panels, data users, and software companies. For the first time, the survey also included submitters and users of benefits payment data.

The link to the data submitters’ survey was published on the Incomes Register’s website, while separate surveys were sent to customer panels, data users and software companies via email. The purpose of the target group-specific surveys was to obtain information as comprehensively as possible about the experiences and development needs of different user groups. This year, a total of 294 responses were given.

As in the previous year, a survey for income earners was also published on the website, to which nine income earners gave their responses.

The survey covered the performance and functioning of the Incomes Register’s e-service and technical interfaces. Some questions also concerned satisfaction with the Incomes Register’s customer service.

The next user satisfaction survey will be conducted in the autumn of 2021.