Contact information of Incomes Register data users

The Incomes Register data users provide guidance on employer obligations and payments as well as the interpretation of laws applicable to the data users’ own sphere of competence.

Public sector bodies

 Earnings-related pension providers

Non-life insurance providers

Unemployment funds:

The Federation of Unemployment Funds in Finland (TYJ)

  • Finnish Paper Workers' Unemployment Fund, General Unemployment Fund YTK, Super Unemployment Fund, Teachers' Unemployment Fund, The Public and Welfare Sectors’ Unemployment Fund, The Unemployment fund for highly educated KOKO, Unemployment Fund for Entrepreneurs, Unemployment Fund for Health and Social Care Professionals, Unemployment Fund for Higher Educated Employees Erko, Unemployment Fund for Lawyers and Medical Practitioners, Unemployment Fund for Special Service and Clerical Employees, Unemployment Fund of Finnish Electrical Workers, Unemployment Fund of the Finnish Food Workers' Union, Unemployment Fund of the Finnish Transport Workers' Union, Unemployment Fund of the Service Union United PAM, Unemployment fund Pro, Unemployment Fund Aaria, Open Unemployment Fund A-kassa
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