Authorise somebody else in Katso to act on your behalf

There are two ways to authorise someone.

  1. If you have a Katso ID, you can let your employee or agent (or others) to log in on your behalf. Select "New Authorisation". See guidance: How to grant an authorisation (pdf)
  2. If you have no Katso ID, you can ask your agent (e.g. an accounting firm) to send you an online Power of Attorney which you should then approve.

The authorisation remains in effect until further notice. The person granting the authorisation can, however, define a period of validity for the authorisation.

The authorisation can be granted to:

  • An organisation If the authorisation is granted to an organisation, the organisation can decide on who is going to use it.
  • A Katso ID: An authorisation granted to a Katso ID is only available to one specific person. The identifier is connected to that person’s personal identity code.
  • A Katso sub-ID: An authorisation granted to a Katso sub-ID is only available to one specific user. All roles cannot be granted to a Katso sub-ID, such as the role for submitting an income tax return.

Authorise an employee to manage company matters electronically

If you are a Master User and wish to authorise your employee to manage company matters electronically, you must first set up a Katso sub-ID for them.
Instruction: Setting up a Sub-ID (pdf)

Check however, whether your employee already has a Katso ID they have received previously. If they already have an ID, all you have to do is authorise the ID for the role in question.

Once you have set up a Katso sub-ID, give the user ID and password to the employee. Then the employee can upgrade the sub-ID into a Katso ID.
Instruction: Upgrading a sub-ID to a Katso ID (pdf)

Remember that the employee's Katso ID must be authorised for the relevant e-services in order for the employee to be able to manage the company's business electronically.

You can give the same employee multiple roles. If they, in practice, manage all business electronically, they can be given the role of a Parallel Master User. A Parallel Master User does not need to have the right to sign for the company.
Instruction: Implement a Parallel Master User authorization (pdf)

In the role of a Parallel Master User, the empolyee can use the different e-services as broadly as the actual Katso Master User. They can also grant and receive authorisations and create sub-IDs to other employees. However, they do not have the right to grant the Parallel Master User role to any other user.