Changed bank account ‒ Corporate taxpayers and the self-employed

Log in to MyTax to submit your bank account number, whether it is a new account or a changed one.  For example, limited companies, partnerships, consortia, associations and foundations can log in to MyTax, and they must use their Katso ID when doing so.  

You need the master user privileges of the Katso system for submitting. Alternatively, the Katso role may be "parallel master user" or "Company MyTax".  A Katso ID can be registered at

If you are a corporate taxpayer, a joint benefit administration, or any VAT-registered body, you can no longer use the paper form for the bank information unless there is a special reason for it. Examples of such a special reason include a situation where e-filing is not possible due to technical difficulties

Taxpayers filing car tax or excise duties must submit account numbers on paper only

To manage car taxes or excise duties, bank account numbers must be submitted on paper.

The bank account number you give for the refunds you may receive of car tax or excise duty can be a different from the one you have submitted to the Tax Administration previously.  This way, customers filing car tax or excise duty may have multiple bank account details on file. For others, our database only has one record of a taxpayer's account number.