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How to ask for an advance ruling in MyTax

You can request an advance ruling on an individual tax matter in MyTax. Note that the decision is subject to a fee.

Log in to MyTax (opens in a new window)

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    Select the Activities tab.

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    Under Applications, click the link Advance Ruling.

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    First, answer Yes or No to the question “Does the application for an advance ruling contain inside information?”. If your answer is No, move on to fill in the application.

    If your application for an advance ruling contains inside information, you cannot request an advance ruling in MyTax. Send the application by post. See “Cover page for advance ruling, special permit or guidance application” for more information.

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    Fill in the application:

    • Select the tax type, the language of the application and the tax years that the application concerns.
    • Write your application in the field or add it as an attachment. If needed, you can also add other attachments.
    • Enter your contact information and select whether you want to receive the invoice for the advance ruling in your e-invoicing address.
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    Finally, go to Preview and send. Check the information and click Submit.

    When we have processed your application, you will receive the decision in MyTax or by post.

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