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News for software developers – 3/2022

News, 6/9/2022

New version of to be launched on 7 June 2022

From 7 am to 9 am on 7 June, the service is down and both the website and its software interfaces are temporarily unavailable.

Key changes:


  • The error notifications of deletion returns specify the erroneous section more clearly. 
  • When the return is being sent, the erroneous files are indicated more clearly. The link says “Notification” instead of “OK”. 
  • The notification #1685 on Form 71B has been changed: it will not appear if fields 089 and 474 are empty. 
    • Software Developers site:
      • The example materials have been updated to include: 
      • the employer’s tax number and registration requests (VERONUME) 
      • a fixed-length file 
      • a name:value file 
    • Katso references have been removed.

ApiTamoPKI interface: 

  • The error in the processing of tax card materials relating to the last possible   retrieval date (i.e. the error that prevented retrieval on 28 February) has been fixed. 


  • The register of authorised intermediaries has been updated. 
  • WRP101 and WRP102: removal of return (void) TRACE704 restriction date changed to 31 March. 
  • WRP101: New check: AI/AIIN and OtherAI/IN cannot have the same value. 
  • MessageRefId check that specifies WRP101 and WRP102 (when sending multiple messages at the same time) has been added to the web background processing.

Reporting obligation regarding digital platforms to be standardised in EU countries – Changes to annual information returns

New standardised rules on the reporting obligation regarding sales carried out through digital apps and platforms will enter into force on 1 January 2023 in EU countries. The rules are an extension to today’s reporting that so far only concerns transportation and rental services. After the new rules have come into force, many other services facilitated through digital platforms will be included in the information-reporting requirement (IRR). Platform operators - companies that offer a digital platform for providing services and selling goods - have the reporting obligation to tax authorities.
New standards will be introduced regarding the data content and technical format of annual information returns. The Tax Administration will specify the exact requirements later in 2022.

Read more: Reporting obligation regarding digital platforms to be standardised

Other current issues

  • The Tax Administration’s cooperation event for software houses will be held on Friday, 3 June 2022. (in Finnish)
  • The Incomes Register organises its own online event for software developers on 9 June, from 10 am to 11 am. During the event, annual changes in the information content of the earnings and benefits payment data and other changes that are currently known will be presented. Read more and sign up for the Incomes Register’s information session for software houses. The Incomes Register also participates in the Tax Administration’s cooperation event for software houses.

Teams meetings for IT developers

  • no meetings in July-August because of the holiday season 
  • next meeting on Friday 2 September 2022 at 9.00 am


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