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News, 3/31/2022

New version of to be launched on 29 March 2022

During the downtime, on 29 March 2022 between 7 am and 9 am, the website and its software interfaces are temporarily unavailable.

Key changes:

  • You can check and send annual information returns for 2022.
    • Checks, as defined in the data format specifications, of annual information returns for 2022 will be added (data format specifications available on the website Annual information returns & Instructions).
    • Name of contact person (041) and Telephone number of contact person (042) are now required data items in many data flows.
    • VSPUVYHT and VSTVVYHT are no longer submitted for 2022
  • The CorrMessageRefId and CorrDocRefId elements in the FATCA data flow are now mandatory when applying the replacement or deletion procedure (technical guidance at Annual information returns & Instructions).
  • New checks for WRP101 and WRP102 data flows:
    • OtherInfo new checks 'ReservedWord:Data element value' ('VarattuSana: Tiedon arvo') pairs are checked
    • Individual/Tin and Organisation/IN, IssuedBy must be included, except when "000000000" has been entered, in which case the data items must not be provided
    • The return type must match the outgoing data flow
    • MessageRefId checks have been specified
  • New Ilmoitin checks related to tax numbers in the shipbuilding industry (VEROKYSE, VERONUME)
  • In production as of 1 March 2022: 2022 checks of the Application for refund of excise duty on energy products (EVPH) (the data format specification is available at Data file specifications — income tax returns).
    • Aquaculture added to the form due to changes in legislation as of 1 January 2022. New data items:
      • 699 I am a professional aquaculture farmer (1=Yes)
      • 753 Aquaculture, light fuel oil, litres
      • 754 Aquaculture, heavy fuel oil, kg
      • 875 Aquaculture, biofuel oil R, litres
      • 876 Aquaculture, biofuel oil T, litres

Direct transfers of withholding data

As regards the currently used data flows Direct transfer of withholding data for payments of wages (VKESSPAE), Direct transfer of withholding data of Finnish resident recipients of pension benefits (VKESSELE) and Direct transfer of withholding data of nonresident recipients of pension benefits (RVKSSELE), no decision has been made on their removal from use, nor is one likely to be made in the near future.
The Vero API Withholding details to payors will be developed in parallel with the direct transfers, and we hope that as many as possible will start using this new channel. Through the Withholding details to payors API, you can retrieve details of valid revised tax cards, as well as withholding data of basic tax cards.

Other current issues

The Tax Administration’s cooperation event for software vendors will be held on Friday, 3 June 2022. You can now sign up for the event. You can find the sign-up form on the software developer’s page under Tilaisuudet 2022.


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