Corporations are due to file their tax returns soon

News, 4/19/2022

Corporate taxpayers whose accounting period ended in December 2021 are due to file their tax returns by Monday 2 May 2022. Corporations include limited liability companies, housing or real estate companies, associations, foundations, municipalities, and foreign corporations.

Submit the tax return and the necessary attachments in MyTax. Alternatively, you can send them as a file in the service or through a software interface.

Request extended time, if needed

If necessary, you can request an extension of time for filing the tax return, but only if you have a valid reason, such as an illness. Send your application to the Tax Administration before the tax return’s filing deadline. You can request an extension of time in MyTax or on paper (Form 3105).

Instructions for filing a tax return

See the instructions for filing a tax return by corporate type. See the instructions below to check in which situations a corporation needs to file a tax return. For more detailed guidance, see the instructions for filling in a tax return.

Limited liability companies and cooperative societies

Foreign corporations

Associations and foundations

Page last updated 4/19/2022