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Tax Administration’s OP bank account no longer in use after 30 November 2020 – Make payments to Danske Bank or Nordea account

News, 11/5/2020

The Tax Administration’s account in the OP bank will be closed on 30 November 2020. Please do not make your tax payments to the Tax Administration’s OP bank account after this. Starting 1 December, you must make your payments to the Tax Administration’s account in Danske Bank or Nordea.

Pay your taxes to the Tax Administration’s Danske Bank or Nordea account starting 1 December 2020

The Tax Administration’s OP bank account will remain available as normal until 30 November 2020. If you have made a payment to the account before that date, the Tax Administration has received your payment.

The Tax Administration’s bank account numbers in Danske Bank and Nordea remain the same. You can continue making tax payments to these accounts after 30 November. Please remember to always include the reference number for the type of tax you are paying in addition to the bank account number. In addition, please note that the reference numbers are personal. For example, if you are paying your spouse’s real estate taxes, you cannot use your own reference number for real estate tax. You can see the Tax Administration’s bank account numbers and the correct reference numbers in MyTax or on your tax decision.

The OP bank account numbers have already been removed from our e-invoices and direct payments. The Tax Administration has received and will receive these payments as normal.

You can check your tax payment status in MyTax

If you want to make sure that the Tax Administration has received your payment, you can check it in MyTax. Within 1–2 banking days after your payment, MyTax will show which tax your payment has been allocated to.

If your payment has not arrived at the Tax Administration, you will see it as a returned payment on your own bank account on the day after the payment.

Check that you have not saved the Tax Administration’s OP bank account number in your online bank

If you have saved the Tax Administration’s OP bank account number in a payment template or a list of payment recipients in your online bank, please delete the number. Make sure that your future payments to the Tax Administration will use the Danske Bank or Nordea account number.

Contract with OP bank is ending

The OP bank account number is being closed because the contract between the State of Finland and the OP bank is ending on 30 November 2020. Danske Bank and Nordea have been selected as the providers of payment services for the State of Finland during the upcoming contract period.

How to make sure that you have the correct information for tax payment

You can always see the correct payment details in MyTax.
The payment details shown in MyTax, such as the Tax Administration bank account number and your reference number for each tax type, are always up to date. If you pay the tax directly in MyTax, the correct payment details are automatically included in the payment.

The required payment details are also on your tax decision.
Your tax decision includes the required details for paying the tax, such as the tax amount, your personal reference number for the tax type in question, and the current Tax Administration bank account numbers.

Individual taxpayers and self-employed individuals: Request an e-invoice.
You can request an e-invoice for real estate taxes, prepayments and back taxes. You will receive an e-invoice only if you have these taxes to pay. The e-invoice will automatically include the correct payment details and due date, so you will not have to remember them yourself.