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E-service development at the Finnish Tax Administration

The presentations show the development of e-services in the years 2018-2022

Read more about how the e-services are going to be developed in the future. The e-services are presented in the final pictures of the presentations.

Electronic services for individual and corporate taxpayers – future developments

Help with managing taxation

  1. Electronic message exchange
  2. Tax calculators
  3. Individual tax calendar and reminders
  4. Chatbot


  1. National solution for roles and authorisations
  2. Incomes Register
  3. "Single point of access" principle
  4. MyTax
  5. Electronic payments
  6. New service interfaces
  7. National Data Exchange Layer

Viewing taxation data

  1. Electronic disclosure of information
  2. Services for tax recipients
  3. Statistical services
  4. MyData in taxation

Help with managing taxation

Electronic message exchange

Electronic message exchange refers to the exchange of messages between the Tax Administration and the taxpayer through the MyTax e-service. At a later stage, the joint governmental e-service Messages might also be used for electronic message exchange. Taxpayers must log in to the e-service to use electronic message exchange, as login ensures data security.

Tax calculators

You can use a tax calculator to calculate your correct tax rate or how much tax you should pay. There are tax calculators for different tax types and for different needs. You do not need to log in to use the calculators.

Individual tax calendar and reminders

"Tärkeät päivämäärät" (important dates, currently only in Finnish) is an app provided by the Tax Administration for reminding the taxpayer of due dates and other important tax-related dates through phone messages. The taxpayer can view the important dates in the app calendar. The calendar is updated with information that the taxpayer has submitted earlier.  


Our chatbot helps taxpayers in situations where help is needed quickly. The chatbot can find essential information about the taxpayer’s problem as quickly and correctly as possible from a large amount of background data. The chatbot is designed for quick information retrieval concerning general tax-related problems. It cannot be used when managing tax matters that involve confidential information.


National solution for roles and authorisations

The e-Authorizations service can be used for checking the authorisations granted by an individual or a company. An authorised individual or company can use e-services on behalf of another individual or company. Read more about the authorisation solution on the website.

Incomes Register

The Incomes Register is a national database of information on income earners’ wages, pensions and benefits. The Incomes Register will reduce the administrative burden of employers and simplify the data submission and reporting related to wage payment. More information is available on the Incomes Register pages.

"Single point of access" principle

The Tax Administration offers multi-channel access to its services. For instance, a taxpayer can share their MyTax view with a tax official to get advice over the phone about how to use an e-service. The official can then help the taxpayer in filing and submitting the tax return.


Over time, MyTax will replace the majority of the current Tax Administration e-services. MyTax can be used by both individuals and companies. MyTax is developed and improved in cooperation with the taxpayers.

Electronic payments

We seek to improve online payment in MyTax as well as provide different uses for e-invoices and online invoices. We are also looking into providing mobile payment.

New service interfaces

So-called API products, or application programming interfaces, are being developed for managing tax matters. These interfaces allow tax data to be transmitted from one system to another. Thus, taxpayers can handle their tax matters through third-party services, such as online banks, wage payment services for households and electronic accounting and billing services for entrepreneurs. For instance, accountants do not have to switch to a Tax Administration e-service – instead, they can handle tax matters directly through their accounting service.

National Data Exchange Layer

The Data Exchange Layer is a data transmission channel for transferring information between organisations. The Data Exchange Layer can also be used for developing secure service packages. Learn more about the National Data Exchange Layer on the website.

Viewing taxation data

Electronic disclosure of information

Information that is collected and created in connection with taxation constitutes important knowledge capital for Finnish society. In addition to taxation, this information can be used for processing social benefits and insurance indemnities. Estate inventory deeds and other documents submitted for taxation purposes are often important sources of information for genealogical research, the winding up of the estate of a deceased person and other such processes. The Tax Administration is continuously improving its information service to enable the efficient use of tax information in different ways and for different purposes in accordance with applicable legislation.

Services for tax recipients

On the "Veronsaajien palvelut" pages, tax recipients can access data about their tax revenues and the taxes the revenues are based on as well as information about other distribution principles. The pages are currently available only in Finnish and Swedish. Tax recipients need these data for economic planning and for monitoring their tax revenues. Tax recipients can access tax revenue data that concern an individual tax recipient, a tax recipient group or the entire nation. Data on the distribution ratios are available for all active tax years. In future, the service will be improved to even better meet the needs of the different parties.

Statistical services

The Tax Administration produces and publishes statistical information on, for instance, how earnings and tax revenues have developed. The information is openly available on the internet free of charge. The Tax Administration and Statistics Finland have jointly built a public statistics database. The database can provide general statistical information on tax data about individuals or companies that cannot be accessed due to confidentiality regulations. This material is also available for researchers in Statistics Finland’s micro data service.

MyData in taxation

The right to control your own data is a topical subject in data processing. The Tax Administration enables taxpayers to access any data that have been collected about them for taxation purposes and allows them to use those data for their own purposes, too. In future, you may also be able to make tax decisions and other tax-related certificates automatically available to a third party, if you wish to do so.

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