The future cannot be built in a vacuum

Communication is a tool, with which the authorities can achieve significant changes: build trust, fulfil openness and transparency, and support social harmony.

The role of social media is emphasised in the modern communication environment, which is why our total number of followers of 132,000 is much more significant than what it sounds. When our social media content engages people to react, comment and share, the impact of our communication increases.

Social media enabled closer interaction with citizens

In 2020, the use of social media increased, as measured by different indicators. Much less social media content was created, while it was accessed by more people, a total of 25 million times. Interaction between the Finnish Tax Administration and citizens increased by 150% from the previous year, and more than 60,000 new users landed in the Tax Administration’s channels. The value of work carried out in social media is as much as €782,000, up by 52% from the year before. Simply put, this figure can be regarded as a budget that we have not had to pay.

Various social media content ended up as part of or a theme of editorial media content, allowing us to reach larger audiences for our key messages. We tested dogs, bears, GIFs, karaoke, live music, Spotify lists and tax meditation to convey our messages. We decided to go for respect in terms of our tone of voice.

Our style of expression grew and became more diverse. We built our own character, Epic Tax Guy, because we wanted to provide people with content that they can use as part of their social media accounts. We understood that enjoying our content is important for people.

Approachable and goal-driven communication

We helped citizens to take care of their tax-related matters. We received some 25,000 more questions and comments in our channels – 150% more than in the previous year – including a lot of positive feedback on the Tax Administration’s services and operating methods.

Of our channels, LinkedIn took the largest leap forward, with interaction growing by a whopping 900% after we increased the amount of interactive and communication-based content alongside content related to our employer image and recruitment. Technologies, audiences and cultures on different social media platforms are constantly changing, and we must also consider where we can find the best tools for achieving our goals.

Our managers and specialists talked about the choices we made as an organisation, our areas of development and our future on LinkedIn, thus achieving and justifying the Tax Administration’s goals.