The Tax Administration changes to the benefit of its customers

The Tax Administration is making changes to its organisation and ways of working. The starting point and key goal of the changes is increasingly customer-driven operations. Customer-driven operations require that we thoroughly understand our customers and their needs and that we make use of the understanding in our operations, guidance and development, thereby facilitating our customers’ operations and securing tax revenue.

We reformed the organisation at the beginning of 2021, dissolving the Taxpayer Services, Individual Taxation, Development and IT Services, Tax Collection and Corporate Taxation Units and distributing their functions between three new units.

The Customer Relations Unit is responsible for the planning of guidance and control. To this end, the unit builds customer understanding and develops customer solutions together with the rest of the organisation. In order to build customer understanding, the unit conducts surveys and interviews related to subject matters such as customer groups and topical phenomena. The unit also has professionals specialised in the management of fiscal risks.

The Product Management Unit ensures the efficiency and reliability of our information systems and develops solutions for taxpayers' needs, so that they can manage their tax matters easily and effortlessly. The unit is responsible, for example, for the MyTax e-service and its functionalities.

The Taxation Unit ensures the efficiency, reliability, high quality and consistency of taxation. The unit is responsible for our core operation, i.e. taxation, and for taxpayer guidance and advice. The unit has professionals from all areas of taxation.

The reorganisation of the Taxation Unit is still ongoing, and the tax offices will be restructured as of the beginning of 2022. At that time, the tax offices currently focused on the services of individual and corporate taxpayers will combine with the currently national Taxpayer Services Unit, Large Taxpayers' Office and Payment and Collection Unit to form nine regional tax offices. Tax assessment will be carried out nationally by the use of common tax software, but regional units are needed to organise work tasks and taxpayer services. 

Together, we are building an increasingly better and effective Tax Administration to secure the finances of Finnish society.

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