Annual information return: Paid interest on which tax has been withheld at source (7815e)

Payors of interest must file this information return every year if the interest paid falls within the scope of application of the Act on the taxation at source of interest income. Examples of interest of this type include that paid by banks accepting deposits from the public, interest paid by Finnish branch offices of foreign credit institutions, and by domestic payment institutions, by Finnish branch offices of foreign payment institutions and by employee banks (personnel service offices).


You must either have personal e-bank security codes or a microchip identity card.

Go to the information you saved as unfinished My e-Services.

Submitting your annual information return through the Ilmoitin website

Guidance for annual information returns as software files — specifications of data formats

Making corrections

If you need to make corrections to any information you have sent, submit a replacement of your earlier annual information return. The replacement should only cover the dividend recipients whose original data was inaccurate.

For more information, see: How to make corrections to an annual information return