What if I could not submit my tax return on time in MyTax (due date 2 April)?

MyTax had exceptionally large numbers of users in the first week of April. Because of this, some users experienced occasional slowdown, especially during lunchtime. In response, we increased the capacity of MyTax. Users who were logged in to MyTax on Wednesday 1 April between 6 pm and 8 pm may have experienced errors at that time due to these capacity upgrades.

Tax returns for self-employed individuals, agricultural operators, general partnerships and limited partnerships were due on Thursday 2 April. This due date also applied to the spouses of self-employed individuals and agricultural operators. If you were unable to submit your tax return on time due to technical difficulties, you were instructed to submit it as soon as you can. If you submitted your tax return by Monday 6 April, you will not have to pay any late-filing penalties. You do not need to contact the Tax Administration because of this.

(Updated 7 April 2020)