Self-employed individuals and operators of agriculture or forestry: how to grant authorisations

An agent can manage your tax matters on your behalf if you grant them the necessary authorisation.

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Granting an authorisation on

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If you use Katso authorisations, note that the Katso service can no longer be used after 30 April 2021. Please start using authorisations. Your Katso authorisations will not be automatically replaced with authorisations.

Restrict what information your agent can see

If you grant your agent a authorisation for tax matters, the agent can see, edit and file tax details related to your business activities and personal tax matters.

If you do not want your accountant or agent to see your personal tax data, do this:

  • Go to and grant your accountant an authorisation for specific tax matters. For example, the “Filing tax returns” authorisation allows your accountant to file all necessary tax returns on your behalf.
  • Log in to MyTax with your personal e-bank codes, copy all the necessary details, and send them to your accountant.

Granting an authorisation with a Business ID: We recommend that you grant authorisations using your Business ID. In this way, your agent can access the taxpayer details in MyTax and will receive a summary once a month.

A self-employed individual can grant authorisations on even if they are not in the Trade Register.

Katso IDs and authorisations cannot be used after 30 April 2021

Your Katso authorisations will not be automatically replaced with authorisations. If you are still using Katso authorisations to manage someone else’s tax matters, you must request new authorisations. Remember to reserve enough time for submitting and processing the request.

When using your authorisation, log in to e-services with your personal e-bank codes, a mobile certificate or a certificate card.