Private individuals: how to grant authorisations

You can authorise another person or company to take care of your tax matters on your behalf. You can grant a authorisation for all your tax matters or for a specific tax matter.

If you take care of your underage child’s tax matters in MyTax, you do not need an authorisation. The e-authorisation service checks the Population Information System to see if you have a guardian’s right to manage the child’s tax matters.

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You can grant the authorisation on Select the authorisation you wish to grant in the Authorizations service.

Please note: After you have granted the “Managing tax matters” authorisation, your agent can see, edit and file all your tax data in all Tax Administration service channels (MyTax, tax offices, telephone service). The agent can also change your bank account number in MyTax.

If you do not have an electronic means of identification

If you do not have personal e-bank codes, a mobile certificate or a certificate card,

If you do not have access to a secure personal sign-in method (such as e-bank codes), an official proof of identity (passport or ID card) or a mobile device or computer for making the request electronically, you can ask a tax official at the tax office to give you instructions for completing the application form. Check the opening hours

Note: The person granting an authorisation must visit the tax office in person.