Our business activities have ended. What happens to our Suomi.fi authorisations?

Any Suomi.fi authorisations your company has granted will remain in force even after you have submitted a notification of termination of business to the Trade Register. After the termination of business, however, the company cannot grant new authorisations in the Suomi.fi service or use the e-services by itself, because the right to use e-services requires that the name of the company’s representative is in the Trade Register. However, a party who has previously been granted an authorisation can continue to take care of the company’s matters.

Example: A limited company has granted an authorisation to an accounting firm. When the limited company’s business activities end, the company’s managing director can no longer change the company’s authorisations. However, the accounting firm can continue to act on behalf of the limited company.

In a situation like this, the company's managing director can request only an authorisation to act on behalf of the company.