How can I cancel the authorisations that are no longer necessary?

You can cancel any authorisation mandates in that have previously been granted on behalf of a company or corporate entity behalf if you have

  • The right to grant authorisations on the company’s/entity’s behalf
  • The right to sign for the company/entity, with an official registration of this right – in the Trade Register or elsewhere – based on holding one of the positions:
    • The company’s Managing Director
    • Self-employed individual who operates trade or business
    • Party authorised to sign for the company (alone, with no other person as a co-signatory)
    • Holder of the right to sign for the company because one of the parties listed above has granted that right via to the holder
    • An authorised signatory in a registered association (signing for the association alone, with no co-signatory)

Instructions for invalidating mandates

  1. Log in to
  2. Select the “assignor” i.e. the company/corporate entity that had issued the mandates you want to cancel.
  3. First select Granted mandates, and then select Invalidate selected mandates as appropriate.

If you cannot log in to the e-service of “ Authorizations”, complete the Application for the invalidation of a mandate, also available on the website. Submit the completed form to cancel the authorisation mandates.